The provincial government will not step in to oversee an upcoming referendum in Regina, something a lobby group had requested.

Regina Water Watch wrote to the province's minister of municipal affairs, Jim Reiter, seeking outside scrutiny of a referendum, set for Sept. 25.

The lobby group claims city officials can't be trusted to conduct a fair vote because the city is also advocating for a result.

The referendum asks if the city should use a traditional contracting process to build a new sewage treatment plant or go with a P3 model that uses a private sector operator.

City officials prefer the P3 model.

Reiter said Tuesday that he does not think the province needs to get involved in the conduct of the referendum.

"I'm loath to intervene," Reiter said. "Whether it's a referendum or municipal elections. The Local Government Election Act speaks very clearly to processes that need to be followed and I don't think provincial oversight in this case is necessary."

Reiter noted that the process includes a way for concerned groups to monitor the vote.

"There is provisions that people can be there," Reiter said. "They can watch the process and ensure that they feel their concerns have been addressed. And if not, there's remedies in the Act that they can follow as well."

Reiter added he does not want to set a precedent for the province interfering in municipal votes.