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The University of Regina says it has stopped paying overtime for work not done. (CBC)

The Saskatchewan government has released a series of questions to the University of Regina, following a CBC News story about inappropriate overtime payments.

On Monday, CBC iTeam investigation discovered that for 11 years, two non-academic employees in the faculty of education were claiming and receiving overtime payments for work they didn't actually do. Those payments total well in excess of $100,000.

Advanced Education Minister Rob Norris said then that he was glad such payments had stopped, but he still had many concerns about transparency and accountability.

On Thursday, the government released the letter, dated Sept. 17, that was sent to U of R board of governors' chair Lee Elliott.

The questions include:

  • 1.  When did the University of Regina make the Minister of Advanced Education aware of this problem?
  • 2.  How much money was paid in overtime in these cases?
  • 3.  Has the money been recovered, or are there any plans for the recovery of these funds?
  • 4.  On what authority was the original agreement extended for an additional decade?
  • 5.  How did the initial agreement, and extensions remain unknown to senior administrators?
  • 6.  Has a review been undertaken to ensure this practice is not occurring elsewhere on campus?
  • 7.  Have disciplinary steps been taken in this matter?
  • 9.  If so, broadly speaking, what have they been?
  • 9.  What university policies and procedures have been improved or enhanced to ensure that this cannot happen again?
  • 10. What mechanisms are in place regarding the compliance of policies?
  • 11. How has the board strengthened its policies to ensure thorough stewardship of university resources?

Norris said he'd like a response within 10 days and wants to meet with Elliott to discuss the case and to review policies.

University of Regina president Vianne Timmons has told the university community that the payment of unwarranted overtime in the education faculty was a unique case and was halted as soon as it was discovered a year ago. 

Rob Norris letter about OT