Celebrated members of Regina's creative community may soon have their names immortalized on road signs, following the publication of the latest list of approved municipal names.

The list unveiled Friday contains names that received approval from Regina's civic naming committee in 2008. The 67 names will be added to the city's master list of approved names, which developers must use when they map out new subdivisions.

In some cases, the use of the approved name is limited to a park. Other names can be used for roads, parks or entire subdivisions.

Among the approved names in 2008 were several notables from Saskatchewan's creative community:

  • Joe Fafard, visual artist
  • Connie Kaldor, folk musician
  • Doris Knight, opera company founder
  • Howard Leyton-Brown, former conductor for the Regina Symphony Orchestra
  • Alison Lohans, writer
  • Tim Lilburn, poet
  • Jeannie Mah, ceramic artist
  • Wilf Perrault, visual artist
  • Dave Margoshes, writer
  • Ken Mitchell, writer

There is no guarantee that a name on the master list will ever be used for a street name.

Many name suggestions come from prospective developers who have their own concept for street naming.

For example, a development known as The Greens on Gardiner has submitted, and received approval for, 18 street names incorporating the word "green." Residents of the neighbourhood will live on streets with names such as Apple Green Crescent, Green Willow Terrace and Green Cedar Court.