Investigators from the Transportation Safety Board are on their way to the scene of a plane crash in North Battleford that killed a father and son Thursday.

They will try to determine what caused the Piper PA-14 float plane to crash near the Cameron McIntosh Airport.

"They're going to be looking at the wreckage itself on site," said Peter Hildebrand, the regional manager for the Transportation Safety Board. "Mostly concerned with the structure, the controls, the engine, the propeller."

Investigators will face a difficult task to determine the aircraft's condition prior to the impact, as the plane was engulfed in flames after hitting the ground. RCMP said Thursday that witnessed described the plane as falling from the sky.

A plane the size of a Piper PA-14 is not required to have a black box, and officials said it's unlikely this plane had one.


Shane Buchanan, who died in the crash, was a co-owner of Whitehorse-based Moon Lake Outfitters. ((Moon Lake Outfitters))

Investigators will follow up with witness interviews and a search of the surrounding area.

Hildebrand said he hopes to have something to say about the findings next week.

The RCMP confirmed Thursday that Shane Buchanan, 40, and his father, Charles Buchanan, 63, from Yukon, were killed in the crash. They were the only ones on board the aircraft.

Emergency crews were called to the airport east of the city at about 10:21 a.m. CST.  When they got there, the plane was on fire. The fire was put out and both men were pulled out of the aircraft. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

The plane had taken off from a nearby lake, was airborne, but then crash soon after near the runway.

RCMP said the plane was on its way to Calling Lake, Alta. Reports suggested the final destination was Yukon where the younger man was the co-owner of a outfitter business.