A search was underway Thursday at a wooded area in Prince Albert just north of the North Saskatchewan River. ((Dan Kerslake/CBC))

Investigators in Prince Albert are digging in a wooded area in the city searching for clues to help them solve a 31-year-old mystery.


June Anne Johnson was last seen in 1979. ((Prince Albert Police Service))

June Ann Johnson hasn't been seen since Aug. 3, 1979 when she was driven to the city's Marlboro Hotel by a family friend. She was 34.

Although there haven't been any developments in the case for a long time, on Thursday, police were digging in a wooded area on the north side of the North Saskatchewan River.

The spot they're excavating contains the foundation of a house that once stood in the area.

The area has been searched before but a new investigator reviewing the file has decided it's worth a second look, police said.