Farmers north of Prince Albert have been dealing with flooded fields for years, but now there is a plan to fix the problem.

The idea is to extend and re-dig a ditch so water will drain off their property into the nearby Little Red River.

Brent Wilson said his land is flooded and has been for the past dozen years, but not everyone is convinced about the drainage plan. In some cases, the water will end up cutting across neighbouring farmers' fields.

"It's quite frustrating because I don't know what else we can do to convince them that it's a good thing to have happening for the community," Wilson said.

Wilson wants to extend the Courbis Ditch an extra mile so it will reach him and others who can't take advantage of it.

Lloyd Zwack, who is not in favour of the plan, said he's worried his land will be flooded once water travels through his property to get to the river.

"A lot of the benefit lies with the people moving the water, not with the people that are having it moved through their land," Zwack said.
He may not have a choice in the end. The farmers are looking at forming a Conservation and Development District. If two-thirds of them are in agreement, Zwack's land can be expropriated.