Sask. spring runoff map 2014

The dark blue indicates areas where the spring runoff is expected to be higher than normal this year. (CBC)

It could be a soggy spring in Prince Albert, Sask., this year.

The province's latest spring runoff forecast released Tuesday shows a dark blue bullseye -- signifying "well above normal runoff" — in a region that includes P.A.

Runoff is expected to be "above normal" in a wider area that includes Saskatoon, according to the Water Security Agency.

The Saskatoon, North Battleford and Prince Albert areas have all had more snow than usual and depending on the rate of melt and any spring rain, that means there may be flooding.

Meanwhile, although Regina saw a lot of snow last week, it's expected to be a normal runoff season for both it and Moose Jaw.

The extreme southwest is projected to have "below normal" runoff.

Water Security Agency says it will update its forecasts throughout the spring.