NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter told New Democrats they shouldn't be discouraged by recent polls that show the party lagging behind the Saskatchewan Party. (CBC)

The leader of the Saskatchewan NDP is telling his supporters to prepare for an election victory on Nov. 7.

Surrounded by his family and dozens of New Democrats, Dwain Lingenfelter launched his campaign at party headquarters, Tommy Douglas House, on Friday.

He said if things go as planned, "We will be having the biggest victory party this party has ever seen in the history of this province of Saskatchewan."

The NDP was getting a jump on the official beginning of the campaign, which is Monday. That's the day Premier Brad Wall plans to visit the lieutenant governor to ask him to dissolve the legislature.

Lingenfelter said the party has many proposals that voters will like, including rent control, more green power and a Bright Futures Fund for resource royalties that's intended to benefit Saskatchewan people many years into the future.

He told supporters they should expect to hear some attack ads from the Saskatchewan Party calling New Democrat ideas "crazy," although the NDP platform will be both affordable and responsible.

Referring to recent polls that suggest the NDP is behind the Sask. Party and Lingenfelter's popularity lags behind that of Premier Brad Wall, he told the crowd that even Tommy Douglas, the CCF premier who would go on to lead the federal NDP, wasn't always popular.

"Now Tommy could have packed his tent and went away or his team could have given up and said,  'The polls say we're not good, so let's quit.' But my friends, the only poll that matter is November 7th and let's make that happen."

Currently there are 38 Sask. Party MLAs and 20 New Democrats.