Saskatchewan's premier says the public appetite to privatize government-owned companies does not extend to the telephone company.

In a year-end interview with CBC, Premier Brad Wall said a plan to sell 40 government liquor stores is likely as far as the government will go with privatization.

"We'll have to present our Crown corporation platform in the campaign and we're going to do that," Wall said. "But I can't imagine us going beyond what we've done with respect to the liquor stores."

Wall said selling SaskEnergy, SaskPower, or SaskTel is just not something people want him to do.

"I do have that sense — that the public is comfortable with the status quo in those major Crowns," Wall said.

The final decision will be made public during next spring's election campaign. Wall has promised to campaign on the plan to sell liquor stores before the government does so.

The provincial election is already set for April 4, 2016.