A Regina woman figures she may be out around $90 after the tanning salon where she bought pre-paid minutes abruptly closed its door.

"I was really upset," Hanna Walczykowski told CBC News. "Discouraged too because it's just a trust issue."

Walczykowski, who bought 200 pre-paid minutes as a gift for her daughter, spent $90 dollars on the package.

The package was purchased on March 25 and Walczykowski also booked the first tanning session for March 27.

Her daughter was able to use that session and book another one for April 1. However, when they showed up for that session, they found the shop had closed. A note pasted on the door said the business has ceased operations.

Walczykowski said some notice would have been good.

"No phone call, nothing," she said. "No indication they were planning on closing and [my daughter] was only able to book a single session."

A check with the Winnipeg head office for the Tan FX franchise found they, too, were caught off guard with the sudden closure.

The head office was considering whether or not to honour Walczykowski's pre-paid minutes at other locations in Regina.

The provincial agency that oversees consumer protection issues, the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority, told CBC News there is no legislated requirement for a business to warn the public before shutting down. The authority also noted that business are, generally speaking, responsible for any pre-paid liabilities.

Collecting on the debt, however, can be more trouble than its worth.

"I understand business is business," Walczykowski said, ruefully. "It can not go well ... But not letting me know?"

CBC News attempted to reach the owner of the salon in question, without success.

With files from CBC's Adrian Cheung