A couple of jokesters in Saskatoon have redecorated a city bus shelter and placed a rental ad for the space, a gag that has not gone over well with transit officials.

Paul Duncan played the role of agent for the property which was listed on Kijiji for $650 per month. The bus stop is located at 12th Street East, just off of Broadway Avenue.

"It's easy access for transit, close to Broadway and the university," Duncan said during a faux open house event Tuesday. "I think it's a perfect starter home for a young small family."

Duncan did not say if the gag was meant as a commentary on Saskatoon's tight rental housing market.

The spoof, however, included some elaborate features including a twin bed, night table and lamp.

There was also a small picket fence and a make-shift door.

An official from Saskatoon's transit department told CBC News the enhancements to the structure will have to be removed, as it was a working bus stop.

"We are currently trying to contact the individual who is responsible for the structure, and ask him/her to kindly remove the items from and around the bus shelter," manager Bob Howe said. "The bus stop is an active bus stop and the bus shelter is in place for the general public to use."