The city of Saskatoon says it will spend like never before to combat potholes, a pledge many in the city are keen to see met.

"I don't know how many times I've done a wheel alignment,"  Marilyn Tkachuk told CBC News Tuesday. "And I'm careful. I try to miss the potholes."

The number of pothole hazards in Saskatoon are especially noticed by people who make their living driving around the city.

Taxi driver Haider Ali said he has come close to veering into oncoming traffic trying to avoid potholes.

"Sometimes very dangerous," Ali said. "Sometimes, you are trying to make a right turn and in the corner there's a big pothole like six or seven inches deep and that breaks the car into two pieces."

The city said it will deploy 17 crews to fill potholes and, over the course of the next month, about $500,000 will be spent on fixing the roads.

It is a task made harder by Saskatoon's aging infrastructure..

"When you have a road network as old as ours, conditions like we have right now are going to exacerbate the occurrence of potholes," Mike Gutek, from the city, said.

The city has also launched an online tool to allow people to report potholes.

On driver wondered if that would prove useful.

"It would be ridiculous to do that because there's so many," Ralph Peterson said. "Just drive on any of these streets and they're everywhere."

With files from CBC's Kiran Dhillon