This year's pothole season may be the worst ever for Saskatoon. (CBC)

An official with the City of Saskatoon says residents should brace themselves for a bumpy ride as pothole season is expected to be the worst seen in a long time.

"We're going to have very significant numbers of potholes," Pat Hyde said Wednesday as the city unveiled details of how it plans to deal with potholes. "What we're experiencing right now is literally just on the cusp, the edge of what were going to experience."

Hyde said the city has moved from using  a cold patch system, suitable for temporary repairs in the winter, to a hot asphalt system.

As well, areas with significant numbers of potholes will get special attention, beginning next week.

Saskatoon is also using private contractors to beef up the city's attack on potholes.

Hyde said this year will likely be the worst he can remember.

"We're just on the start of it," Hyde said. "We haven't even seen the full force of potholes, so we're expecting it'll be one of the major pothole seasons we've had in recent memory."