skpic hiv poster

A notice, posted in Regina's North-Central area, alleges a man who is HIV-positive has been engaged in unprotected sex. [Elements of the image have been blurred/deleted by CBC News] (Tory Gillis/CBC)

A notice posted around Regina's North-Central neighbourhood is warning women about an HIV-positive man and accusing him of engaging in unprotected sex.

The poster includes a picture and other identifying information.

CBC News contacted Regina police about the poster and learned there have been no public complaints about the man in the poster and nobody — including the man — has complained about the poster's allegations.

"Anybody can put up a poster on a post," Leslie Parker, a spokesperson for the Regina police, told CBC News Friday. "And without a complaint from the subject of the poster there's very little we can do."

Parker added that police do not believe there is a danger to the public, associated with the claims.