The Grey Cup and related festivities are expected to attract thousands to Regina, the home of the Saskatchewan Riders.

With the Grey Cup clock ticking down, a labour-management dispute between City of Regina and the bus driver union is heating up.

The City has filed an unfair labour practice complaint against the union with the Labour Relations Board.

It accuses the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 588 of not bargaining in good faith. 

The CFL championship is being held in Regina this year on Nov. 24, and the City has raised the possibility that the union would spoil the party.

Thousands of people are expected to be in the city for the event, and the expectation is that a lot of them will use Regina Transit to get around.

“The Grey Cup game and festival is an important community event, and it is unfortunate that the members of ATU are considering putting their interests ahead of the interests of the entire community," city manager Glenn Davies said in a news release.

On Sunday, union members voted 94 per cent in favour of job action.

The union says it would consider job action during Grey Cup festivities, but says it's almost certain workers will not be walking off the job.

Instead of a strike, the union says, refusing overtime and not wearing uniforms are more likely options.

It also says the unfair labour practice complaint is "bogus" — a way for the City to try to drag out negotiations until Grey Cup festivities are over.