Regina folk musician Joel Henderson, who records and performs as Poor Nameless Boy, grew up in a musical household and has found creative inspiration from many sources.

"My biggest [musical] memories are just in vehicles: I think, like everybody else, you just constantly sing in vehicles," Henderson, who has released a new album called Bravery, said.

Henderson said his family has definitely influenced his music. His brother is a country singer and their father was a travelling musician.

Henderson's new album includes musical elements from songs his dad used to play during family trips in their old convertible.  

"I just realized that, oh, those are things that they did in the 50s and 60s in pop music," he said, talking about some of the sounds he incorporated into Bravery.

Poor Nameless Boy live at The Artesian

Henderson worked on the album with producer Brad Prosko from B-Rad Studios, who also worked on his brother's records. 

"When I had the project and had this idea in my head of what I wanted to do, I looked around Saskatchewan and Brad was the person I wanted to work with," Henderson said. 

That family tie reassured him that it was the right choice of producer and Henderson said the recording process went well. 

"There were times that we went different directions than we thought, but it was just to be comfortable in what we felt the tune was," he said. 

Henderson said he will be announcing a few concert dates in Regina and Saskatoon over the next few months.