The RCMP say 42 people in Regina have fallen victim to a debit and credit card skimming scam that's difficult to protect against.

"The only thing that would have alerted you to a possible compromise was the depth that you were inserting your credit card or debit card into the device," said Scott Lambie with the RCMP Economic Crime Unit.

Lambie said covering your pin won't stop the crooks from skimming your card. The only way to tell is if the card goes into the machine deeper than usual.

Police said thieves are located in the United States and are able to record card numbers and pins through the machines.

One Regina man told CBC News he was scammed out $1,092 after using his debit card in a Regina mall.

David Bojic used his card purchase something in a food court, later the money was gone from his account.

"It saddens me that we've come to this day and age that people will actually look at using other people's money in order to operate and do what they need to do," said Bojic.

His bank has reimbursed him the money.