A group of people gathered in Regina's downtown Victoria Park, to call for loosened marijuana laws, were greeted by police officers handing out tickets.

The gathering, known as 4-20, suggests people should light up at 4:20 p.m., local time, on April 20th.

In Regina, one participant was clad in a costume to look like a giant cannabis leaf.

Police were on site around 4 p.m., and were seen taking people's smoking material from their hands and extinguishing them.

The smell in the air suggested many people were smoking marijuana, even before 4:20.

Officers were also seen writing up tickets, and handing them to people. The exact citation, however, was not immediately known.

At least one person was taken away from the park in handcuffs.

About 100 people were in the park. Police, in uniform, numbered around 10.