Suspicious Man

Police have released this sketch of a man suspect who they say approached an eight-year-old girl waiting for her parents at school. (RCMP )

The RCMP have released a composite sketch of a suspicious man who approached an eight-year-old girl on school grounds in Grand Coulee, Sask. nearly a week ago. 

The girl was waiting for her parents outside the school after an after-hours dance class. 

Police said she was approached by the man who told her parents had sent him to pick her up. 

The child went back inside the school where she waited for her parents. 

The suspect is described to be tall, slim and about 30 years old. He is said to have short hair and glasses. 

Police said he was driving a truck that had a broken driver side window covered by a garbage bag. 

If anyone has information about this incident they are being asked to call the RCMP.