A Regina man who pleaded guilty to a number of charges involving motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen property has been sentenced to seven months in jail, after his accomplice 'friended' a police officer on Facebook last fall.

"As part of the investigation, one of the police officers created a Facebook account, in which he became friends with someone who was linked to the accused in this case and based on Facebook postings, the officer was then able to locate the accused and a number of other individuals that were of interest to the police," said Crown Prosecutor Maura Landry.

Corey Hugh-Carroll, 19, pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property involving a vehicle in relation to a joyriding incident last October. His accomplice posted their whereabouts online, later leading police to find them in British Columbia.

"It isn't the first time social media has been used by the police to locate individuals involved in criminal activity," said Landry.

Hugh-Carroll pleads guilty in 12 different cases

Altogether, Hugh-Carroll pleaded guilty to charges on at least 12 different files including breaches of court orders and possession of stolen property in connection with incidents involving joyriding.

All of the charges he faced were issued between August last year and March of this year.

Hugh-Carroll had outstanding charges in several different places across Saskatchewan including Regina, Yorkton and Melville. He had all of the cases consolidated into one hearing last month in Regina, in which he pleaded guilty to most of the charges.

Drug treatment court is in Regina and Landry said that is why Hugh-Carroll arranged to enter all of his pleas in that city.

On Wednesday, in Regina provincial court, Hugh-Carroll was sentenced to seven months in jail to be followed by 12 months probation.

During sentencing, Hugh-Carroll was given an opportunity to speak directly to the judge. According to Landry, he offered an apology for his behaviour.