Police are looking for someone believed to be a victim of crime as they continue to investigate a downtown house and surrounding alley area, though the force is revealing very little about the incident.

Police Criminal investigation no details Regina

Regina police have launched a criminal investigation and are holding a house at the 1600 block of Toronto Street. They believe a residence on the 200 block of Quebec Street North is related. (Google)

Investigators are asking anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious in the 1600 block of Toronto Street overnight Wednesday to contact police.

Police are holding a house and two garages on that block in relation to a criminal investigation.

Earlier on Wednesday, police had also blocked off a part of 200 block Quebec Street North in the city's northeast, however that area has since been cleared.

Police believe the two locations are related, but after several inquiries from CBC News, have not explained how or provided any additional information.

In a news release posted on its website Thursday, police said they "have a duty to preserve the scene of a potential crime until a thorough investigation has been completed."

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.