RCMP in North Battleford are no longer looking for a man who was reportedly going about the community acting like a police officer — because he was one.

In a recent release, the North Battleford detachment noted that a complaint had been made about someone who knocked on the door of a home and said he was from the police. The door was left unanswered and the man, who was described as "clean-cut" and wearing a T-shirt with the word "police" on it, left in a light-coloured vehicle.

In an update, the detachment said the person was actually an on-duty officer who was going about his normal police work. At the time, he was doing a routine curfew check.

RCMP said they only realized what happened a few days later because the officer had gone on a string of days-off and did not know about the reported complaint. Once he returned to the office, it became clear he was the person who had been at the door.

The update, however, did note that the original complaint did not provide a good description of the supposed impersonator as the officer was in uniform, not in a T-shirt, and was driving a marked RCMP vehicle.