Police have found a former Saskatchewan Roughrider's 2007 Grey Cup ring after it was stolen from his car in Moose Jaw Friday night.

Matt Dominguez said he received a call from police Sunday telling him they had located his ring while investigating another crime in Regina.

"It was spotted and they were shocked to see it in this guy's pocket," Dominguez told CBC News.

"They said, 'you know, there can't be more than one Grey Cup ring lost in the last couple of days, so that's probably Matt's,'" he continued.

Dominguez had attended a golf tournament in Moose Jaw Friday and took his ring off and put it in the centre console of his car before the game. When he got home that night he forgot to take it inside.

The story of the ring's disappearance was widely circulated on social media on Saturday, after Dominguez tweeted that it had been taken.

"That was very good to see," Dominguez said.

The former wide receiver plans to pick the ring up in Regina on Monday.

"It's good that I know that I'm going to be getting it back," he said. "But I'm a little more interested and in awe of all the steps that had to have taken, all the luck that had to happen, for police to locate a ring that was taken from Moose Jaw, probably changed hands a few times, find it in a crime scene in Regina, of some perpetrators that probably weren't a part of the stuff here in Moose Jaw.

"All that, and it happened in 24 hours," he said.