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Plot unveiled for Brent Butt's Corner Gas: The Movie

A crisis has befallen Dog River, Sask., according to a plot synopsis released for Corner Gas: The Movie, which started production in Regina.
Brent Butt, in the checkered shirt, is on location in Regina filming scenes for Corner Gas: The Movie. (CBC)

A crisis has befallen Dog River, Sask., according to a plot synopsis released for Corner Gas: The Movie, which started production in Regina.

According to producers, Dog River has been so badly mismanaged that residents are packing up to leave. Then, as folks make a last ditch effort to save the town, the plot takes another turn when some corporate deviousness is uncovered.

The story was written by Brent Butt, creator and star of the Corner Gas television series that was a six-season hit, along with Andrew Carr and Andrew Wreggitt. Naturally the synopsis does not give away what happens but provides a tantalizing hint of a "plan by a corporate giant that would change life for Dog Riverites forever."

The 90-minute film began shooting in Regina and Rouleau, the stand-in town for Dog River, on Sunday and production is expected to run until July 22.

"The entire cast is back," Virginia Thompson, executive producer of the project, said Monday. "We look forward to bringing our fans a Corner Gas movie they will cherish."

Thompson noted that almost half of the $8.5 million budget for the film will be spent on Saskatchewan talent, in front of and behind the camera lens.

"Over 60 per cent of the crew is Saskatchewan," Thompson said. "It might even be closer to 70 per cent. We've just done the final numbers and we're spending approximately $4 million dollars in the province."

According to Thompson, in addition to the production support, 20 actors — with speaking roles — come from Saskatchewan and there are another 250 extras from this province.

Thompson also provided the theatrical release date for the film: Nov. 27. After its big screen debut the movie will also air on television in early December.

In addition to Butt, series favourites Gabrielle Miller, Eric Peterson and Nancy Robertson will also be in the film.

Corner Gas is one of the most successful television series in Canada. It regularly drew more than 1 million viewers and the series finale, in 2009, attracted just over 3 million viewers.

The movie version is Butt's second foray onto the big screen after having produced, written and starred in No Clue, released in 2013.

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