Land use map for SomerSet

Regina's proposed SomerSet neighbourhood is designed for mixed use. Red indicates commercial use, purple is industrial, yellow and orange are residential and green is park space.

A proposed development in Regina's north end, located between a steel plant and an oil refinery, is moving forward at City Hall.

This week, the Regina Planning Commission is being asked to approve the SomerSet concept plan, which deals with a 57-hectare section of land designed to be home to 3,100 people.

The City had earlier approved putting SomerSet in its official plan, and now it's taking the next step; putting more details into a concept plan. SomerSet will be a mainly residential neighbourhood, but could also have commercial and industrial development.


The proposed development's location is controversial because it is located close to both the Co-op refinery and the Evraz steel factory. (CBC)

If the planning commission gives it the green light, the plan will go to city council for final approval.

However, the project is opposed by the provincial Environment Ministry, the Evraz steel plant (which is northwest of the land) and Co-op refinery (which is southeast).

They argue that residential use is not appropriate so close to heavy industrial activity, and at minimum there should be caveats placed on homes to warn people about the situation.

The Regina public school board has also raised safety concerns as the triangle-shaped neighbourhood will be built beside a Canadian Pacific Railway line.

The rural municipality that's close to the development, Sherwood, has also indicated it has concerns about how the land will be used.

The city says it has held an open house, has consulted many interested parties and it's working to address everyone's concerns.

Getting projects like SomerSet rolling is a city priority due to the housing shortage in Regina, but it's expected there'll be more debate about this development in the weeks and months ahead.