Planned Parenthood Regina fundraising to decrease turn-away rate

Last year, Planned Parenthood had to turn away nearly 1,300 people because there was no physician available. Now, the organization is hoping a fundraising campaign and a new space will help to ensure this doesn’t have to happen.

Organization opened new location in late July

Executive director of Planned Parenthood Regina Shelley Svedahl is hoping fundraising and the new space will help the organization sustain its programming. (Planned Parenthood/Facebook)

Planned Parenthood Regina is hoping that a fundraising campaign and a new space will help to ensure that it no longer has to turn away so many patients.

Last year, the sexual health clinic turned away nearly 1,300 people because there was no physician available.

"It's really heartbreaking because you see the worry on people's faces," said Shelley Svedahl, executive director of Planned Parenthood Regina.

Svedahl said the organization's current level of funding makes it difficult to pay to have a full-time physician or nurse practitioner on site.

Svedahl said the province's Ministry of Health funds Planned Parenthood at $12,000 per month. The federal government provides $125,000 in funding for a five-year term for educational programs. It also receives $15,000 per month from the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region.

"We're looking for some ways to create sustainability for our programs, because we have amazing caregivers on site … Everyone who works there are committed to what they do," said Svedahl.

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That's why Planned Parenthood is launching the 100 Women Movement campaign. It hopes to have 100 women raise $1,000 each for the organization.

"We really think that will help us get the conversation out there about what we do and really help us share the responsibility of trying to provide this kind of service to our community," said Svedahl.

New location

Planned Parenthood has moved from its old location on Victoria Avenue near downtown to 1920 B Francis St., farther east.

Svedahl said the location is "more discreet": on a quiet street in a commercial-industrial area.

"We know what kind of services we provide," she said. "We know that having a PAP test or having an IUD put in is nothing to be ashamed of or worry about, but others may not know that."

Svedahl added that Planned Parenthood Regina's services are all about prevention and education.

Planned Parenthood Regina has moved to 1920 B Francis St. from its old location on Victoria Avenue. (Planned Parenthood Regina/Facebook)

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