Justin Piapot, seen here in an undated file photo, has been sentenced to seven years in prison and has been declared a long-term offender. ((CBC))

A Regina man who beat up a 66-year-old man and left him brain damaged has been declared a long-term offender.

Justin Lee Piapot, 23, received a seven-year sentence Thursday in Queen's Bench court. With the time already served deducted, the net sentence is five years and six weeks.

He has been convicted of more than two dozen crimes, five of which were violent.

In the hearings leading up to the sentence, a psychologist who evaluated Piapot said he has no doubt he will commit other offences.

The Crown wanted Piapot declared a dangerous offender, meaning he could be locked up indefinitely, subject to periodic review.

Instead, the judge gave Piapot the less-serious designation of long-term offender.

It means that after he's finished serving his prison sentence, he will be subject to special supervision for 10 years.

In the case that led to the Crown's dangerous offender application, Piapot was convicted of assault causing bodily harm in late November, 2010.

During Piapot's trial, court heard he punched Jerry Gray in the head on January 28, 2010, fracturing bones in his face and leaving the older man brain damaged.

Piapot contended at his trial that he struck Gray in self-defence. The attack took place at Gray's home.

In addition to the prison sentence, Justice Janet McMurtry also banned Piapot from having guns for 10 years after he's released.

He's also required to provide a DNA sample for a national database.