Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Canadians in Saskatchewan have been watching the anti-government demonstrations in Kyiv over the past week with growing concern.

More than 100 rallied at the Legislative Building on Regina Sunday to voice their support for people in Ukraine, where dozens have died in clashes between government forces and protesters.

Danylo Puderak, executive director with the Canadian Ukrainian Congress in Regina, was harshly critical of the regime led by ousted president Viktor Yanukovych.     

"We're talking about an entire system that involved corruption, that involved stealing and people abusing their power, suppression of human rights and lack of complete freedom of the press," he said.

Puderak says even with recent changes, Ukraine has a long way to go to have a democratic government. 

Lara Zaluski joined the rally at the legislature building in Regina on the weekend.

And she came holding a man's picture who she says worked in Kyiv as an art director.  

"He had gone to the city just trying to make money to send home to his family and so he was hoping for a better life and so he was killed by a sniper on the 20th," she said.

Since last week, the Saskatchewan government has been flying a Ukraine flag at the Legislative Building. 

According to the government, 13% of people in Saskatchewan have Ukrainian roots.