The Saskatchewan government currently uses photo radar to catch speeders in construction zones. Starting in the fall, it will be expanded to non-construction zones in Regina, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw. (RCMP)

The expansion of photo radar in the province will be delayed by a few months, but it's still coming, Saskatchewan Government Insurance says.

In the spring, the province said photo radar cameras would be installed at three new locations sometime this summer — but it turns out that's not going to happen, thanks to a delay in getting some equipment.

Kelley Brinkworth, SGI's manager of media relations, said the original target date was August, but now deployment at Regina's Ring Road, Saskatoon's Circle Drive and the Trans-Canada Highway at Moose Jaw will be put off until fall.

"Our new ETA is October," she said. "We are waiting for the cameras."

With photo radar, cameras snap pictures of the licence plates of speeding vehicles and the tickets are sent to the registered owners.

Currently, photo radar is used at constructions zones around the province, but not on other routes.

The expansion to the three high-traffic sites in the fall is a pilot project.

Photo radar has been a controversial subject around Canada and a number of court challenges have resulted.

"It's a hot topic," Brinkworth said. "We get that mixed reaction."