Saskatchewan teachers will be voting on a new contract this week, one that would pay them an extra 7.3 per cent over four years.

Meanwhile, around North America, there's a hot debate in education circles about performance-based pay for teachers.

Toronto teacher Sachin Maharaj has written a report on reforming the way teachers are paid.

He says the current system, where teachers are paid the same once they're hired, does not pay enough attention to the quality of teaching.

Maharaj thinks we should do a better job of evaluating teachers and use those evaluations to change a teacher's pay.

It would mean teachers could progress faster or slower along their salary grids based on how well they do in evaluations.

Critics say that will punish teachers who work at schools in low-income areas, but Maharaj disagrees, saying proper evaluations would factor that in.

Here's Morning Edition host Sheila Coles's interview with Maharaj conducted earlier this week.

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