Saskatchewan homicide map

Click on the link below for photos and biographies of Saskatchewan's victims of homicide. (CBC)

Every year, dozens of people die in Saskatchewan as victims of homicides — either murder or manslaughter.

Families are shattered and they never forget. 

The public hears about the cases when people are charged, but the focus is on the accused.

Even when the public hears stories about the victims, it's often about the very last moment of their lives, rather than who they were.

Learning about homicide victims in Saskatchewan


Now, CBC Saskatchewan is giving a face to these victims with a new feature, People not statistics.

It's an online map that tells the story of the people whose lives have ended as a result of homicide.

Clicking on the markers that show where each person was found will bring up a photograph and a brief biography.

People who would like to suggest information that can be added to the feature can contact CBC.

The map includes deaths that have happened since the beginning of 2013.