Pebble, a parrot in Saskatoon that has attracted considerable attention for its potty mouth, had a traumatic past according to the bird's new owner.

The 20-year-old cockatoo is now with Kelly Van Ryckeghem, a co-owner of an avian rescue operation that currently has 26 birds.

Van Ryckeghem said Pebble is an easy-going bird, but that can change.

"She can get pretty frustrated," he said. "We have to use a padlock for her. So I have to stick my fingers in there and sometimes she wants to take my fingers and keep them with her all night.".

Pebble with Kelly Van Ryckeghem

Pebble, with Kelly Van Ryckeghem, uses foul language picked up from previous owners. (YouTube)

Van Ryckeghem said a traumatic past is why she uses expletives when angered or upset.

"Somewhere in her last 10 homes, out of 20 years, she must have been involved or beside people coming home and arguing with each other and stuff all the time," he said. "We don't know exactly because there's been 10 different homes."

He added that a circular style of bird cage is not good for the animal. In a video, Pebble reacts very strongly when such a cage was stomped on in front of her.

Video of that has been viewed more than two million times and has attracted comments suggesting the cursing bird is entertaining.

Van Ryckeghem said he hopes the video draws attention to the education needed in owning a bird.

"The lack of knowledge is insane," he said. "They need to definitely educate and that's what we're trying to push for is the education part."