Thirty people from Saskatchewan peace groups rallied at the Legislative building today as part of a protest against a high school program that provides military training.

Making Peace Vigil, PeaceQuest Regina, Regina Peace Council, and Saskatoon Peace Coalition will be presenting a petition calling on the province to reverse its support for the Canadian Army Primary Reserve Co-op Program.

"We've got questions and I have questions as a ratepayer in the Catholic school system, in particular about using schools as what has been described as a recruitment tool," protester Stephen Moore said.

The program, which just began, provides a course credit in Canadian Studies and Military Basic Training.

It's supported by the provincial government and school boards.

"I do not think our educational institution should be supporting war ... affirming war," Florence Stratton said. "Instead they should be teaching students how to resolve conflicts in a non violence manner."

The groups at the Legislature today said they'd like to see peace studies taught instead.

The students will be paid about $2,000 for their efforts and after the program ends, they'll be under no obligation to join the military or become reservists.

They say they've collected more than 2,000 signatures from 98 communities.

After the protesters submitted their petition, they were given a letter from Premier Brad Wall reaffirming the province's support of the high school military training course.