Nine months after Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said heliked the idea ofRCMP cadetsgetting a training allowance, he was in Regina with recruits who still aren't being paid.

Last December, Day told a parliamentary committee Monday that he wants the RCMP to think about paying trainees attending the Regina Training Academy.

Since then, no changes have been made, although the topic has not been abandoned, said Day, who was in Saskatchewan on RCMP business.

"We're looking at that whole issue," Day said. "That takes time to work through the various processes."

RCMP recruits go through 24 weeks of training in Regina.

It's estimated each cadet needs nearly $5,000 to cover expenses. Even though they aren't paid, cadets get free room and board.

RCMP cadets pay for all other incidental costs, including the graduation fund, school supplies and items such as shoe polish.

Other forces, including the one in Regina, pay recruits as probationary employees.

"There are other policing organizations… they pay, and yet they also charge for training, and facilities and things like that," Day said, adding he has talked about the pay proposal with the RCMP commissioner.

"We're giving that a thorough look," he said.