A Regina-made production is turning heads in the sci-fi and fantasy film world. 

Patient 62, which debuted last Friday, has taken home the award for top action film at California's KaPow science fiction and fantasy festival. 

The film follows the story of Lucas Chance, a man who is on the hunt for his sister at a strip club she used to work at. 

He finds much more than he was expecting and ends up stumbling across a ring of human trafficking and genetic experimentation. 

Rick Anthony, writer and producer of Patient 62, said the idea for the film had been percolating for a while. 

"I wanted to take something that was sort of in the current news and you know, that being genetic experimentation and things like that, sort of take it to a more fantastic level," Anthony said.  

It took about three years of hard work to go from plan to final product, with nearly two years devoted to just writing the script and fundraising. 

"It went through a lot of evolution to get where it is now."

Fundraising was a major challenge for the filmmakers, as the movie was mostly funded through crowdfunding and personal investments.  

"Sort of small-dollar equity investments through a whole lot of people in Saskatchewan here that helped us out," he said. 

After the money was raised, it took just 17 days to shoot the film and nearly another year to edit and add special effects. 

Shot in Saskatchewan

Patient 62 film 2016

Patient 62 wraps up filming in Regina, Sask. (Patient 62/Facebook)

Regina and area residents may feel an eerie sense of déjà vu while watching the film, as it was shot at a number of nearby locations. 

Anthony said part of the film was shot at Cloud 9 Nightclub and various outdoor locations around Regina, as well as the bar in Lumsden, Sask. Some scenes were shot in nearby Avonlea and Craven.  

"We were a bit of a travelling road show." 

Anthony said the crew was apprehensive at first about putting the film out there, but the recent acclaim has felt really great.  

"You're working in a bubble for the most part and nobody really has an opportunity to see much until it's totally done," Anthony said. 

"We were very anxious to get it out there and see what people thought of it."

The film's Regina premiere will take place on Nov. 19, with additional shows on Nov. 25 and 26. 

With files from CBC Radio's Afternoon Edition