Pat Fiacco, the former mayor of Regina, is being honoured as a community builder for the city and province by University of Regina president Vianne Timmons.

In a new release, issued Tuesday, the university said Fiacco will be honoured "for his commitment to serving our local and provincial communities."

A ceremony is set for Wednesday afternoon at the university.

It will be the third time Timmons has provided recognition under a new Community Award she created in 2010.

Last year's honouree was Jim Scarrow, the mayor of Prince Albert at the time, who was recently defeated in his bid for reelection.

The inaugural award was presented to an institution, the RCMP's training academy, known as Depot Division, in Regina.

According to the university, the president's award was created to "recognize those who have a strong history of working to better the lives of others in Saskatchewan."

In February, Fiacco announced he would not seek another term as mayor of Regina.

He was recently named the new head of Tourism Saskatchewan.