The emergency room at Pasqua Hospital in Regina will remain open 24-hours a day until the end of February. 

The Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region has been struggling with a doctor shortage, and it was set to shut down overnight. 

The region initially worked out a deal to keep the department open until the end of December, but now it says it has secured enough doctors to stay open for another two months. 

"We are more competitive now obviously with the rest of the country," said David McCutcheon with the health region. "We have really been working very hard, and that hard work has been taking place through the fall, it's not just recently. And now some of our efforts are bearing fruit." 

Two new doctors have been recruited to start work in the next two months. 

ER physicians at the hospital have taken on extra shifts to fill the gaps. 

The region said the hospital has seen a reduction in the number of patients seeking care in the emergency department. 

Patients who are in need of care due to serious illness or injury should continue to come to the ER. Those with less urgent needs can get treated at their family doctor, walk-in clinics or the Meadow Primary Health Care Centre.