Partners in Motion might be closing its head office in Regina. (CBC )

Partners in Motion, one of Saskatchewan's hottest production companies, is thinking about closing its head office in Regina.

The general manager, Jeff Stecyk, said the company won't be starting any new feature projects in the province.

He said Saskatchewan is no longer seen as a good option for the industry after the provincial government got rid of the refundable film tax credit this year.

"The end of the month is the end of the refundable tax credit program," said Stecyk. "So subsequent to that, it will not be viable for us to do any television production within this province."

Stecyk said the company is considering Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto as possible places for its head office.

Partners in Motion will make a decision about a move this summer.

The company will keep a satellite office in Regina, where it will work on smaller projects such as commercials, but it will not take on any new films, said Stecyk.

He said the projects the company is currently working on that fall under the old tax credit will not be affected by the move.