Paroled child killer back behind bars

Calgary child-killer and rapist Harold Smeltzer is back in jail after being arrested in Regina.

DVD with sexual content led to parole being revoked

Calgary child-killer and rapist Harold Smeltzer is back in jail after being arrested in Regina. Smeltzer, 56, was arrested Friday at the halfway house in Regina where he had been on day parole since 2008.

He had been there after serving 27 years in prison for killing a young girl in Calgary in 1980.

The Parole Board of Canada believes he is a risk to re-offend after staff at the house searched his room in November and found a DVD with "sexual content, coarse language and not recommended for children."

The board said following a Jan. 6 hearing that it's concerned that watching that kind of "sexually explicit" material increases the risk that Smeltzer will reoffend.

Smeltzer said he wasn't aroused by the DVD, but the board wasn't impressed. "Your explanation that viewing it did not arouse you is not compelling given your horrific violent sexual history impacting dozens of innocent children and taking one child's life," the board said in the report.

 In 1980, Smeltzer kidnapped Kimberley Thompson, 5, while she was walking to kindergarten and drowned her before stuffing her body into a garbage can. He had already raped numerous children.

"You have admitted to sexually assaulting over 40 young children over a five-year period, all a product of your meticulous planning and fantasy," the board said in the report.

Evelyn Thompson, Kimberley's mother, told CBC News Wednesday that she was not surprised Smeltzer's parole was revoked.

"He sat in the parole hearing in 2008 and said, 'I cannot watch DeGrassi because it turns me on. It arouses me. I cannot walk past a school without crossing the road and putting my head down,'" Thompson said.

Previous parole board reports said Smeltzer is a low to moderate risk to reoffend, but the risk was manageable. With day parole, he could work, go to school and take programs, but had to return to the halfway house each evening.

Among the conditions of his parole before his arrest Friday were not having contact with children under the age of 18 and staying away from places where children congregate, such as parks and playgrounds. He was also required to continue taking psychological counselling.

Now the board says having Smeltzer on day parole "constitutes an undue risk to society that you will reoffend."

The board plans to meet again to decide whether to confirm or cancel Smeltzer's parole revocation.