P.E.I. residents celebrate Saskatchewan Week

People in P.E.I. are celebrating Saskatchewan Week as part of a 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference.

Week-long celebration is part of the 150th anniversary marking the Charlottetown Conference

The Saskatchewan Legislature, in Regina. (CBC)

Saskatchewan is known for its friendly residents, passion for the Roughriders, and a rich arts community. Now, all of these traits are being celebrated in Prince Edward Island.

Starting Monday, Saskatchewan Week is underway in P.E.I. It's part of a 150th anniversary celebration marking the Charlottetown Conference. Each province is featured and this week is all about Saskatchewan. 

Saskatchewan bands Rah Rah and the Sheepdogs are among the musicians headlining the all-Saskatchewan celebration on the Island.

Apart from musical acts, people in P.E.I. can also take in Saskatchewan cuisine and TV episode screenings of Corner Gas.

On Sunday, an RCMP sunset ceremony will take place after a performance by the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players.

In 1864,  the Fathers of Confederation met in Prince Edward Island and initiated the first of three constitutional meetings that led to the birth of the country.