Marlene Bird skpic

Marlene Bird remains in hospital in Edmonton after suffering horrific injuries in a June 1 attack in Prince Albert, Sask. (Submitted to CBC)

A judge in Prince Albert, Sask., has removed the publication ban concerning Marlene Bird, the victim of a horrific assault last month.

Leslie Ivan Roderick Black, 29, has been charged with the aggravated assault and sexual assault of Bird, 47.

Typically, publication bans to protect the victim are ordered in sexual assault cases and that's what happened in Bird's case.

However, it happened after numerous media stories naming Bird had already been published and broadcast. In a letter to the court, Bird herself said she wanted the ban to be vacated.

On Tuesday, the Crown asked on her behalf for the ban to be lifted and the judge agreed.
The June 1 attack shocked people in Prince Albert and around the country. People who know Bird said her face had been slashed, requiring reconstructive surgery. Also, her legs were severely burned and amputations were done on both limbs.

Bird is being treated in an Edmonton hospital.
Black will be back in court July 16 at which time bail will be discussed.