Saskatoon fashion designer Melissa Squire is preparing items to be included in gift bags that will be handed out to stars as part of the swag associated with the Oscars.

"I think they found me because I did Brooklyn Fashion Week in the fall," Squire said, when asked how she came to be noticed by the producers of Hollywood's most important awards show. "I've gotten a little media attention since then."

The invitation, which Squire confirmed, means some of her designs could soon be adorning some of the biggest names in show business.

"Katy Perry would be good because she's young and sort of the style I'm going for with the rock-a-billy kind of thing," Squire said.

Her designs are not easily categorized but, according to her website, can be described as "badass pretty" with a retro nod to the 1950s.

Among her items are bow ties fashioned from recycled bicycle tubes.

Who would wear that?

"Maybe Johnny Depp, I don't know," Squire mused. "Somebody like that would be really cool, somebody trendy."

Squire is hoping the added exposure will propel her business forward and allow her to hire some help, instead of relying on family.

With files from CBC's Dan Kerslake