Regina-born TV star Tatiana Maslany could soon have a street named after her.

The City of Regina announced Thursday that the name of the celebrated star of Orphan Black will appear on a street sign in the new Skywood development.

Skywood is on the northwest edge of the city, north of Lakeridge.

A city hall committee is in charge of choosing potential names for new streets.

In the past, sports figures, politicians and war heroes have made the list.

Maslany, 29, who grew up in Regina and went to LeBoldus High School, has received numerous awards for her acting.

She has a huge fan base from her success in Orphan Black, a science fiction drama in which she portrays multiple clones.

There's no word yet on whether the new neighbourhood will have a Maslany Street, Maslany Place, Maslany Way, Maslany Crescent — or all of them.