Everyone in Saskatchewan has likely done it at least once — defend the province.

After advocating for his home one too many times, a Saskatchewan man decided to create a blog post dedicated to his love for the province and it went viral. 

Jay Brown, the creator of SaskHiker, was vacationing in the Caribbean with his girlfriend, when a fellow Canadian decided to share his thoughts on Saskatchewan. 

"This man from Barrie Ontario piped up and basically went on a tirade when I said 'I'm from Saskatchewan'," Brown said on CBC's Blue Sky. 

"It was a lot of misinformed things... One of the things that kind of stood out is that he kind of mentioned that this is where people go to hell when they die." 

Before this encounter, Brown ran a blog as a way of communicating with people from Saskatchewan. But he soon decided to change it to make it appeal to non-Saskatchewan residents to show them the province he loves. 

"In this open letter that I wrote to him, one of the things I write about is why people live in Saskatchewan," Brown said. 

"I said 'Our province is home to the great plains, the breadbasket of the world. Those who stand on the prairies and open themselves up to the beauty of truly being alone in a vast landscape under a sky that feels like someone has placed a bowl over your head will get why we live here.'''

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