The provincial auditor says Saskatchewan's Ministry of Finance could tighten up some of its control systems after a government worker was issued a paycheque for $1.4 million.

The error, highlighted in Bonnie Lysyk's latest report, was not noticed by anyone — nor any automated system — and the $1.4 million was deposited in the worker's bank account on pay day.

However, someone did catch it on the date of pay and the deposit was "promptly recovered" according the auditor's report.

The auditor said the overpayment should have been noticed long before the deposit was made, through a routine review.

"Staff did not always document their review of payroll reports including indicating the date of their review," Lysyk said in her report. "Also, some staff did not always review the reports on a timely basis."

Lysyk pointed out there is an automated system to prevent unusual payments, but staff are able to override those controls.

The system the government uses for payroll handles over $1 billion worth of pay to workers every year.