Chris Lygouriatis, a recruiter in Regina, says the Neknominate videos could cost someone a job. (CBC)

An online drinking game that has caught the attention of young people around the world, including Saskatchewan, could have some unintended consequences according to a recruitment specialist in Regina. 

Neknominate has people posting online videos of themselves drinking and doing stunts and then challenge their friends to do something even more outlandish. 

Once people are nominated they have 24 hours to post their video. 

The game has led to different types of stunts. Some people drink strange mixtures of alcohol. Others perform good deeds in the community. 

Arlann Dutton from Regina was nominated and he decided to post a video of himself donating blood because he said he didn't want an online image of himself doing something frivolous. 

"I was just going to drink a beer in the middle of class or something, but I decided to do this instead," said Dutton. 

Employers check social media profiles 

David Gerhard, a professor at the University of Regina said drinking games are nothing new, but the problem with games like Neknominate is that they're not only public, but permanent.

Taking something off the internet is a lot harder then putting it on there, he said. 

"If you post that crazy stuff on the internet, then that's there forever," said Gerhard. "And so you go and try and have a job interview and they look you up on Facebook and they see that back in 2014 you did a really bad Neknomination, they're going to think differently of you and that's a problem."

Chris Lygouriatis, a recruitment specialist, agrees. He said employers are routinely checking social media profiles before hiring people and a Neknominate video won't work in a person's favour. 

"It's not a plus," said Lygouriatis. "Definitely not a benefit to have a video like this, being intoxicated in public places.  It's definitely not a plus for any employer."

He said even putting up video of doing good deeds could be harmful. 

"You're going to be in the same pool, you're going to be with everyone else using Neknomination that is associated with alcohol use," he said. "It's a great idea, you can do a lot of things with it, but you have to change the name."

Lygouriatis's advice is that if people don't want potential employers to know about their private behaviour, then they should keep it private. 

As for Dutton, he said he's nominating his friends to do something that will give back to the community.