Charges are expected after police arrested a naked man at city hall on Tuesday. ((CBC))

A naked man made a run for the Regina mayor's office on Tuesday, but was stopped by staffers.

The incident ended without anyone being hurt, but has sparked discussion about whether there needs to be better security at city hall.

Police and city hall officials confirmed that around 10:15 a.m., a man strolled into city hall, yelled at a cashier, got into an elevator on the main floor and emerged on the 15th floor.

He then entered Mayor Pat Fiacco's office, although Fiacco wasn't there.

"A gentleman who was naked got into the mayor's office this morning," said Mark Rathwell, the senior adviser to the mayor. "He was in a distressed state. He was subdued by city hall staff that came up to the office and was later arrested by police."

Police said a commissionaire and two bylaw officers restrained the man until police arrived.

Police said a 34-year-old man had been arrested and taken into custody.

Rathwell said the man was known to people at city hall.

"He's a gentleman who we've dealt with in the office before, never with any incident," Rathwell said. "We've done our best to help him with the questions and issues that he has brought to our office."

Incident raises security concerns

The incident brings up a concern that's been around for a long time, said Jeff Bohach, the city's manager of communications.

"The question that has been ongoing for a number of years … and that's the correct balance between openness and transparency and the need to keep our staff and customers and visitors safe," Bohach said.

Even prior to this incident, a review was in the works looking at ways to increase security on the building's main floor, Bohach said.

According to police, the incident at city hall involved the same man who had earlier been spotted nude or semi-nude at two other downtown Regina locations.

In one incident reported to police, a man without pants ran into someone's apartment, fleeing moments later. Minutes after that, a fitness centre reported a naked man had entered the building, then left, police said.

No one was hurt in any of the incidents, the police said.

Late on Tuesday, police announced that Brendan William Cross, 34, of Regina had been charged with two counts of assault and one charge of uttering a threat. He was also charged under the disorderly conduct section of the Criminal Code for allegedly performing an indecent act. He was also charged with unlawful entry into a home.

His first court appearance was set for Wednesday.