Mac the Moose, the iconic beast that greets visitors to Moose Jaw, Sask., appears to have a statuesque cousin — in Norway — laying claim to the title world's tallest moose.

According to TV 2 Norway, the taller moose statue (by 30 centimetres) is being installed beside a stretch of highway leading to the country's northern communities.

Tourism Moose Jaw says Mac the Moose stands 10 metres in height.

"I guess it just goes to show that Mac the Moose is well known far and wide," Deb Higgins, the mayor of Moose Jaw, said when she learned of the taller statue. "Even though Norway may claim a little bit taller of a moose, Mac the Moose is still the biggest moose in North America."

Higgins noted that Moose Jaw's statue has a 30-year history as an attraction for her city.

"[It's] a symbol that the community's been very proud of," she said. "He's a big part of Moose Jaw."

Officials from Tourism Moose Jaw responded to questions, from Norway, about the taller statue in a good-natured way.

They offered quotes from Mac the Moose, who was very gracious about the new world-record holder.

"I'm very happy to be giving up that particular title," Mac said. "I never wanted to be so large. It makes hiding along roadsides quite a challenge actually."

It was also noted that Mac has been admired by millions.

"If you were to stretch all of the photos taken by tourists of me, well, it would stretch all the way to Norway and back to Moose Jaw," he said.