Northern Lights put on a dazzling display in Saskatchewan

There was a brilliant display of the aurora borealis Tuesday night and there is likely to be a repeat performance tonight.

Tonight expected to be another good night for viewing

Notanee Bourassa captured this image of the Northern Lights west of Southey, Sask. at around 3:43 a.m. CST on Wednesday. (Notanee Bourassa)

The Northern Lights have been quite a sight lately.

There was a brilliant display of the aurora borealis Tuesday night and there could be a repeat performance tonight.

"It was huge. It covered the whole northern expanse of the horizon," said Chris Beckett, president of the Regina chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. 

No special equipment is needed, but Beckett recommends people dress warmly. 

"You don't need a telescope or binoculars or anything. You can just head out and look to the north and you can see them," he said. "Sometimes the entire sky will be lit up ... it's truly remarkable."

As far as tonight goes, any time after the sun goes down is good for viewing. Some people recommend getting out of the city to get the full effect of the aurora.

Notanee Bourassa shot this video of the aurora borealis last night.