Muskrats are making a bad situation even worse in a flood-plagued rural municipality near Prince Albert, Sask.

In recent days, water from melting snow has been running off the fields and washing out roads and culverts in the RM of Buckland.

Ditches are overflowing with water and that has been displacing the critters who dwell there — including muskrats.

The rodents have taken to burrowing under the roads, which then causes water to run underneath. The roads become soft as a result, and unstable and dangerous for drivers.

"If somebody is day-dreaming and they hit that [unstable road], it could do some damage to the front end of their vehicles," Don Fyrk, reeve of the RM of Buckland, told CBC news recently. "We've had some cases where the side of the road is collapsed and people have just about lost the whole front end of their car."

Fyrk said he hopes the water will recede, because then so will the muskrat problem.

If not, Fyrk says, he will have to look into contracting trappers.

With files from CBC's Ryan Pilon